Sandhill Crane Sunset

New painting to share.

I just can’t get enough of these amazing birds. They will be taking off by their hundreds and thousands, heading south soon in their raucous yearly migration. It’s quite a sight, but I hate to see it happen, not only because I love seeing them around, but because it means summer is at its end, and fall is here, with winter close on its heels.

The colts are just taking their first tentative flights, so I figure we have a few more weeks with these beauties yet, so I’m greedily drinking up all of the sightings I can. And then it’s only memories until next spring when they arrive en masse again.

The painting, Sandhill Crane Sunset, is 12×24 acrylic on canvas and is available for purchase. I haven’t decided yet if I will be making prints available for this title. If so I will post that info along with the picture info in the gallery.

2 thoughts on “Sandhill Crane Sunset

  1. Is the painting Sandhill Crane Sunset still available? And if so how much are you asking? I just bought two of your paintings in Homer and I love them. Ravens – Liquid Sunshine and Raven sings the salmon home.


    1. Thanks, Carl! So glad you are enjoying my work!
      Sandhill Crane Sunset is currently at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer, where you bought the other two paintings. It is priced at $475. If you are local, you can purchase it there. If not, then I can ask Joelle at the Gallery to ship it directly to you.
      Thanks for your interest and please let me know what you decide!


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