An open letter to young climate warriors: This is not helping.

I get it, I do. You are angry and frustrated. I am, too. You want to draw attention to a cause that feels like life or death. I agree.You want people to wake up to the urgency of the global environmental crisis we are facing. Bravo! You throw soup at famous works of art because you feel like it’s the only way to get the attention you think this cause deserves. This is where we part company.

I am an environmentalist and also an artist and gallery owner and I’m here to tell you this is not helping. At all. 

Sure, you are getting attention, but is it the kind of attention that enlightens the mind and softens the heart of those who don’t care about the earth? Because that’s what is needed. No, the attention you are getting only hardens hearts against your cause and provides more fodder for people who are convinced that climate activists are elitist nut jobs that don’t understand the day-to-day problems of the average human. Don’t give them ammunition!

Think of your end goal, which is ostensibly to convince people/governments to take climate change seriously and act with urgency to address it. But as far as I can see what you are doing is only alienating people who you might have reached. And, I say this with love, your reckless actions only make you seem childish and irresponsible, not like the kind of person people take seriously and listen to.

Here’s a secret. If you want people to respect what YOU care about, then show some respect towards the things THEY care about. Don’t deface a Van Gogh painting, a beloved piece of work by a man who saw beauty in everything and has probably caused more people across time to care about the earth and sky than you or I ever will. Don’t throw mashed potatoes at a Monet. It’s nonsensical. How about you respect the beauty of the painting, and take that soup and potatoes and feed someone since you claim to care so much about world hunger? How about you glue yourself to an oil refinery or BP corporate headquarters. Direct your anger at those who deserve it.

Another secret: you can care about more than one thing. You can care deeply about protecting the earth and about protecting our cultural heritage. Instead of abusing art, make it your ally! Enlist artists to create art that supports your cause. Art moves people deeply and has always been at the forefront of any real social change. 

Better yet, make some art yourself. Channel all that pain and frustration and release it onto a canvas of your own. That’s what art is all about. Make people feel what you feel by showing them. Because empathy is what will move them, not disgust. Don’t throw soup. It may make you famous, but it will not make you or your cause beloved. It will not make people care. It’s not helping.

So many new pieces

I’ve been painting a lot lately and have so many new pieces available. Here are a few:

Spring Sunshine
When the Iris Bloom

And there are lots more! Check them all out by going to the main gallery page and then clicking on the buttons for the different specific galleries: Wildlife, Floral, Landscape, and Alaska Life and Miscellaneous other works.

And I hope to see you at my July 1 show at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer, Alaska, where you can see all of my new work in person. See you there!


One of the great things about living along Cook Inlet and Kachemak bay is the abundance of shorebirds that either migrate in each spring, or live here year round. We have a beautiful annual indicator that spring is here when we start to see our feathered friends arrive in their thousands.

Shorebirds, 15×30, acrylic on canvas, $600.

(You can find this little group of shorebirds at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer.)

I just love watching them poke about in the sand and pebbles for food, always squabbling amongst themselves and filling the air with their squawks and cries. So entertaining!

Morning Light

Morning Light, 11×14 acrylic on canvas, $300

Don’t you just love a sunrise over a peaceful pond? That early morning light breaking through the mist is so lovely. Makes me want to cozy up with a cup of Earl Grey and a volume of Thoreau. I’ve tried to capture that misty morning feeling in this painting, Morning Light. Available for viewing or purchase at Art Shop Gallery in beautiful Homer, AK.

First Friday show in June!

I’m so exited to announce that my first Friday show that was cancelled last year due to Covid has been rescheduled for June 2021!

So join me June 4 at the Art Shop Gallery in beautiful Homer, Alaska. I will be there and will debut some brand new never seen works as well as older pieces that never got their show last year.

Meanwhile, here is a little sneak peek at a couple of the new pieces:

I hope to see you there!

Chillin’ with the Belugas

Belugas Swimming Under an Iceberg, 12×24, acrylic on canvas, $500. Prints coming soon.

I was lucky to spot a large pod of belugas in Cook Inlet a few weeks ago. With no pack ice to camouflage them in the summer, they really stand out with their bright white color and can be easily sighted splashing and rolling as they hunt their fishy prey. Such charismatic little whales, I can help but smile whenever I see them. With the corners of their mouths naturally upturned, I like to imagine they are smiling back at me.