My favorite things (Van Gogh, Ravens, and Alaska Native Mythology)

This painting is an homage to a few of my favorite things:

Raven Steals the Sun (and Creates a Starry Night)
18×24 Acrylic on Canvas

There is an Alaska Native creation myth in which Raven (the Trickster) brings light to the world by stealing the sun from an old man who has it hidden in a box. There are a few variations of the story, but it always involves Raven being clever, magical, and of course, tricky. It’s my favorite Alaska native myth, mainly because ravens are fascinating birds and I love any stories associated with them.

Also, my very favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh and my favorite of his paintings is Starry Night. I am not unique in this as it is one of the most universally beloved paintings from a man who was largely unappreciated in his time, but grew to be the very definition of expressionist with his bold colors and clear powerful brush strokes.

So, all that to say this painting is my homage- to Vincent, to ravens, and to Alaska Native mythology. I hope my love of all three shines through.

So many new pieces

I’ve been painting a lot lately and have so many new pieces available. Here are a few:

Spring Sunshine
When the Iris Bloom

And there are lots more! Check them all out by going to the main gallery page and then clicking on the buttons for the different specific galleries: Wildlife, Floral, Landscape, and Alaska Life and Miscellaneous other works.

And I hope to see you at my July 1 show at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer, Alaska, where you can see all of my new work in person. See you there!

Good news!

I have good news! The following 6 pieces are now available as prints!

New prints! Yay!

The proofs just came back from the photographer/printer and they look great! They will now be added to my growing collection of work available as high quality art prints on paper or metal! Get yourself some!

And don’t forget to check out all of the originals available as well on my gallery pages. I am painting every day and adding them to the website as I finish them, so new stuff all the time!


One of the great things about living along Cook Inlet and Kachemak bay is the abundance of shorebirds that either migrate in each spring, or live here year round. We have a beautiful annual indicator that spring is here when we start to see our feathered friends arrive in their thousands.

Shorebirds, 15×30, acrylic on canvas, $600.

(You can find this little group of shorebirds at the Art Shop Gallery in Homer.)

I just love watching them poke about in the sand and pebbles for food, always squabbling amongst themselves and filling the air with their squawks and cries. So entertaining!

Dreaming of Summer Magpies

I’ve been watching our resident magpies keeping themselves busy poking around in the snow for hidden treats, and am reminded once again how entertaining my dapper black-and-white friends can be. I think magpies are the most under-appreciated members of the corvid family, taking a backseat to their raven and crow cousins, and I’m not sure why. I think they are lovely with their long, glossy tails and bright white wing patches, and just as personable as any crow or raven I’ve encountered, though I love them all. For entertainment value you can’t beat a corvid.

Watching them now in the depth of winter has me dreaming of summer and a painting I did for my June show:

Summer Magpies: 18×24 acrylic on canvas, $600. Available for viewing or purchase at The Art Shop Gallery, Homer, AK.

The painting has a dream-like quality that seems especially appropriate now that the warm summer air seems like a lifetime ago and a world away. I’m just glad my magpie friends have stuck around to bring a little cheer on a winter’s day.

Stay cheerful, folks. Summer will be here eventually.

Feeling crabby

Don’t get me started on why I am feeling crabby recently. Instead, let’s focus on the positive:

Dungeness 9 x12 mixed media on canvas, $375.

I had a lot of fun with this 3-dimensional mixed media piece that includes fabric, papier-mâché and acrylic paint elements. I have fond memories of the annual all-you-can-eat Dungeness crab feed picnic when we lived in Sitka. It was a wonderful community event that we all looked forward to all year long. I don’t know if they are still doing it there since I haven’t lived there in a few years, but I sure hope so. It was a great part of the beautiful community that is Sitka, AK. And soooooo tasty!