My favorite things (Van Gogh, Ravens, and Alaska Native Mythology)

This painting is an homage to a few of my favorite things:

Raven Steals the Sun (and Creates a Starry Night)
18×24 Acrylic on Canvas

There is an Alaska Native creation myth in which Raven (the Trickster) brings light to the world by stealing the sun from an old man who has it hidden in a box. There are a few variations of the story, but it always involves Raven being clever, magical, and of course, tricky. It’s my favorite Alaska native myth, mainly because ravens are fascinating birds and I love any stories associated with them.

Also, my very favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh and my favorite of his paintings is Starry Night. I am not unique in this as it is one of the most universally beloved paintings from a man who was largely unappreciated in his time, but grew to be the very definition of expressionist with his bold colors and clear powerful brush strokes.

So, all that to say this painting is my homage- to Vincent, to ravens, and to Alaska Native mythology. I hope my love of all three shines through.

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